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18-Jul-2015 07:32

So long as she doesn’t invite Tom Cruise to jump on the couch during filming.

Sex sells, and if Jessica were to “hotten” up her image with fishnet stockings, red lipstick, and heels while promoting , sales would skyrocket.

The publishing company has helped many individuals and families when looking for resources on Aspies.

Because Jessica/the company has successfully built a collection of Asperger reading material, one has to wonder why she doesn’t pimp, or, uh, market this aspect of her publishing company even more than what’s being done already.

Because of this, some Aspies prefer to just be plain naked.

Stuff Asperger People Like has no clue, but one thing’s for sure, she sure does have an extensive collection of books on Asperger’s Syndrome and autism.

Remember, Clothing can be such a pain in ass for Asperger People.

Too tight, not tight enough, feels scratchy, the list goes on for material and fabrics that rub their sensory sensitivities the wrong way.

As children, they might have been little “streaker tykes,” taking off clothing that was unbearable in any environment, including public places. Google likes to look at naked Asperger people, knowing Aspies like to get naked. So be free, be naked, but don’t forget to close the opaque curtains. Like many Asperger people, he shies away from oral communication and speaks his mind with the keyboard.

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Oprah would have nothing on Jessica’s “Asperger book of the month” club.

A television program to showcase the discussion of the monthly book would attract viewers nationally, increase sales, and get the word out on what a wonderfully resourceful company she is running.