Asp net calendar not updating

29-Oct-2016 14:00

Did you add any custom code to the PWS master page? One thing I overlooked all this time was that I folded in Lightbox into the site, and seeing this post revealed that Atlas and Scriptilicious (which drives the Lightbox code) aren't best of friends, but incredibly that super simple fix posted in that topic, move non-Atlas javascript to under the Script Manager, friggen worked....

unbelievable All right, now to get some more stuff done :-) Hi. Problem is that clicking on dates does not change anything.

I tried changing the properties for the Calendar to postback/callback but it still doesn't work. -- You can see that the navigator retains the data shown by the date in bold. protected void Day Pilot Calendar1_Command (object sender, Day Pilot.

The following example shows how to use the control ASP. The Calendar was inserted inside an Update Panel in order to make updates without having to reload the entire page.

control to a master page, by default partial-page updates are enabled for all content pages.

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so either my Atlas install is messed up at home (Atlas-stuff works on another project though) or something else in the code is throwing the wrench in the wors And changed the code i posted last post to use "Default2.master" instead of "Default.master" (which again, is the master page from PWS)... it doesn't report any errors/issues Screenshot I had this exact problem and it was an issue with my head element containing the & character in a url to a javascript include as Luis suggests above Try taking the text output from the response in Fiddler and pasting it into something that can check the xml -Ni CK Hi, I've setup the PWS to use Atlas and added the Update Panel with the calendar control in the page, just under the "What's up Lately" section title.

Result: it is working correctly, and months are switched as expected.