Asp code validating a form

31-Dec-2014 06:44

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Validation rules are defined by setting attributes on the fields of a Model class, like this: that come with it.We also use a few additional components that are not part of the standard Bootstrap component set, such as a datepicker and timepicker control.

A special kind of Partial Views are Display Templates and Editor Templates. Templates are defined as normal Views that are placed in a subfolder “Display Templates” and “Editor Templates” under any View folder, (such as Views\Shared or a specific folder where you want to use these templates).These templates can be applied automatically every time you want to display (or edit) a specific data type or Model, using the Html. MVC has built-in templates for standard data types such as strings, but it is possible to override these and add templates for custom types.There is a rich ecosystem for additional Bootstrap components and many existent j Query components have been modified so they look consistent with Bootstrap out of the box, without adding additional styling.Reusable controls incan be created as a Partial View.

All data-val-* attributes are picked up by two javascript files that we included on this page (using a bundle): jquery.These jquery plugins will recognize the attributes and do client-side evaluation of the validation rules.

If an error is detected, they will call our highlight function that sets an “error” attribute on the containing element.