Asiansex dating site

03-Oct-2015 07:21

When it comes to online dating, Asian women are the most sought after ethnic group.

” You might have heard or said these things before – so is it just a matter of “preference” to judge people’s level of sexiness based on their race?It was translated into every major European language and republished over 200 times during the author’s lifetime.Actually, East Asian women are often desired to the point of being fetishized in Western cultures, while East Asian men are often ignored – and these patterns don’t come out of nowhere.In this episode of MTV’s Franchesca Ramsey shares the disturbing history of these sexual stereotypes, and how they’re still reinforced across pop culture today.

Check out this info, and you’ll know why people tend to believe these stereotypes are true – and why you shouldn’t fall for it.

With Love, The Editors at Everyday Feminism Franchesca: I have no idea.