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07-Dec-2014 00:06

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My sister dated a hispanic, my parents thrown her out of the house for awhile until she broke up with him.

It intalled alot of fear in me, for my own race, it make me think about they're judging me all the time~ the asian parents in my community not only know who we date, they all know about our grades too, pretty scary huh?

I been dating him for atleast 2 years now -we meet in 6th grade. Im Asian (Cambodian, Vietnamese, & a lil' bit of French) and Im dating this Hispanic guy (Mexican, & a lil' bit of German).

We're 8th graders, and about to finish our last year in our middle school.

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I been dating him for atleast 2 years now -we meet in 6th grade.So in our last year in middle school, we have to show the 6th grader around, and while doing that, some ignorant about-to-be 6th grader go up and asked us "Your Chinese, why your dating a Mexican guy? I told her am NOT Chinese, but she still ask me that question, because she never seen an Asian dating a Mexican guy (Me & him are the only Asian/Hispanic couple in the school).