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07-Apr-2016 13:12

New expansion brought some new bugs, here are the latest fixes: - Protection paladins with Fist of Justice are being displayed properly now - Heirloom weapons are rated properly for level 100 characters.

Get some good sharpshooters on the overpasses to get some height to help control the fight.”Other changes include two new Assassinations, the Achilles Armour set, the Halo 2 Battle Rifle and a heap of new content for the Halo 5 Forge Mode.

Here are some major changes for wow-heroes: - Wo W-Heroes now supports players level 100 - 110 - Stat priority is updated for legion - Score bar for players lower than level 110 will show suggested instances ranked mainly according to instance level - New enchants are added. - Guild progress will not be visible until new raids become available - lots of improvements and bug fixes.

The latest Arena map to arrive is called Riptide and is a remix of an earlier level launched by 343 Industries.“Players will need to quickly learn the winding routes of steel and sand to excel in the weathered structures of Riptide.

By controlling the top catwalks, Spartans can analyze, pinpoint, and track down the enemy’s location,” the official description reads.

Microsoft have given a full breakdown on what has been added through the January download, including a full list of patch notes.

Infinity's Armory went live today, launching two new maps and a heap of new Halo 5 REQs to collect.

Warzone Assault fans can also look forward to new variant, Urban arriving today, described as: “One of Warzone Assault’s open maps with many sightlines.“The Armory is a hard base to fight over due it being on top of the grassy hill.If you notice something strange, please report it on forum.Update: guardian druid stat priority is fixed, they were overwriten by resto stats by mistake.

New patch has arrived, and we are updating Wo W-Heroes for it. Main features are: - Raid leaders can check out the major stats of signed members: how many bosses they've killed in specific instance, what is their item level, are they missing enchants, gems, glyphs, etc ... - Secure login through authentication - View the raids for all of your guilds where you have level 100 characters - Countdown to raid start time, so you don't miss out any raids because of daylight savings - Mobile friendly Wo W-Heroes is ready for 6.2.As you've noticed, the amount of changes is huge, but we'll try to get everything to work properly in the next few days. Main changes include: - Hellfire Citadel is added to raid list on main character page - New character statistics and achievements have been added to main character page - Progress tab now includes Hellfire Citadel rankings. If you see that your guild progress is not correct, you can update it manually by clicking on the "Update progress for your guild" button on the Progress tab, select the people who were in your latest raid(s), and click on the "Update progress" button.