Aries female dating aquarius male

27-Aug-2015 00:34

He still maintains not being ready for a commitment, yet has gotten extremely jealous at times.

In fact, we had our worst argument yet when my ex allowed me to store my things and stay in his extra bedroom when I moved out of my apartment, until I got back on my feet. Aquarius knew I was going to be in transition and never offered for me to stay with him.) My Aquarius man ended up in the hospital from the stress of this past argument, expressing that his “love for me was about to kill him.” I’ve never been in a “non-relationship” that was this dramatic. However, I find it hard to follow invisible relationship rules.

Plus, causing all that drama is not called for by anyone, committed or not.

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I have no urges to cheat on him and I completely trust him in that department as well (we’re highly compatible sexually). Should I just to be patient, because it’s the Aquarius tendency to take relationships slow?

He’s still not ready for a relationship, yet tells me he’s never experienced a love so strong. I’m a typical, impatient Aries…and feel I have compromised a lot of myself. – (Im)patiently Waiting Through the recycled words of Alexyss K.

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