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Bernstein, Kane's General Manager), William Alland (as Jerry Thompson/'News on the March' Narrator), Paul Stewart (as Raymond, Kane's Butler), George Coulouris (as Walter Parks Thatcher), Fortunio Bonanova (as Signor Matiste, Susan's Opera Coach), Gus Schilling (as The Headwaiter), Philip Van Zandt (as Mr.Rawlston), Georgia Backus (as Miss Bertha Anderson), Harry Shannon (as Kane's Father) Considered by many as the best film ever made, this is the story of Charles Foster Kane.Category: Action Year: 1962 Director: Terence Young Actors: Sean Connery (as James Bond), Ursula Andress (as Honey Ryder), Joseph Wiseman (as Dr.Privately owned and operated, Cairns Central Travel is a boutique agency specialising in tailor made holidays for the discerning traveller.Whether you're booking your round the world dream holiday or just a weekend getaway our dedicated consultants will use their many years experience and knowledge to arrange your perfect holiday. We will arrange flights, hotels, day tours , travel insurances and visas and we're even happy to recommend our favourite restaurants too!!!The film opens with a long shot of Xanadu - the private estate of one of the world's richest men. We see, inside the castle, a dying man examining a winter scene within a crystal ball.

What follows are pieces of newsreel like footage detailing how Kane amassed his fortune, and turning around full circle at the end.Category: Musical Year: 1961 Director: Jerome Robbins, Robert Wise (I) Actors: Natalie Wood (as Maria), Richard Beymer (as Tony), Russ Tamblyn (as Riff), Rita Moreno (as Anita), George Chakiris (as Bernardo), Simon Oakland (as Lieutenant Schrank), Ned Glass (as Doc), William Bramley (as Officer Krupke), Tucker Smith (I) (as Ice (Fair Fight)), Tony Mordente (as Action, Riff's Lieutenant), David Winters (I) (as A-Rab), Eliot Feld (as Baby John), Bert Michaels (as Snowboy), David Bean (as Tiger), Robert Banas (as Joyboy) Musical about two youngsters from rival NYC gangs who fall in love.Cairns Central Travel is proudly a member of the Magellan Travel Group , a niche group of owner operator travel angenices offering specialised products that enhance our ability to tailor your travel arrangments and to deliver precisely what our clients want.Cairns Central Travel is protected against losses in the unlikely event of insolvency on the part of a supplier such as a tour operator, airline, accommodation or ground transport provider.

This means that a traveller who has made a booking through our agency will be able to advise us in writing and we can claim on our insurance any damages covered by that policy.Category: Drama Year: 1941 Director: Orson Welles Actors: Joseph Cotten (as Jedediah Leland/Newsreel Reporter), Dorothy Comingore (as Susan Alexander Kane), Agnes Moorehead (as Mrs.