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You might not be surprised to know that it took me three hours to get dressed – mainly because I was always pausing for selfies and to my whiskers, not to mention I kept getting distracted by that sexy dog in all the mirrors around. We were to meet up for an early romantic dinner at a local dog restaurant called the Wag Cafe. I’m not used to dealing with women who aren’t all over me.Although I generally like to show up 2 or 3 hours fashionably late to any events I attend, Mum highly recommended I show up EARLY for this date, to which I reluctantly agreed. I quickly texted Mum under the table…“MUM – firstly, cancel that back-up date RIGHT AWAY! “Ahem, excuse me”, I said to Paisley in the most gentlemanly tone I could muster.Yesterday I had an amazing one-on-one date with a beautiful young lady by the name of Paisley.I say “one-on-one” because not all my previous dates followed that norm… Although it was to be my first official date with Paisley, I had already met her while filming my summer pool party music video.So with a rose in And before Mum could text back, the door swung open and in walked Paisley. Why has she not offered to kiss my royal paws by now? Paisley has arrived and I don’t want a repeat of last time. “I was uh – um, just regarding what lovely socks you are wearing today.”She didn’t say anything.She trotted over to the table and hopped up onto the chair across from me.“I brought you this rose”, I said as I handed it to her.“Oh, thanks”, she replied nonchalantly, her nose held high, casually sniffing the place out, as if the stinky bum of the waiter was more appealing than my rose-soaked skin and man-musk cologne. Secondly, Paisley hasn’t even tried to rip my clothes off yet. She barely seems interested, and I feel a bit jittery. An awkward silence ensued.“So, not exactly bikini weather is it? “You look stunning in your red dress and pearls though, I must admit.”“Oh, thank you”, she said shifting in her chair.” I continued, attempting to break the silence.“No, not really”, she replied meekly.“More like knee-high sock weather, isn’t it? That seemed to stir her a bit.“You know, I think you were the real star of that music video we filmed together.

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I added some rose petals to give myself a subtle floral fragrance – just enough to still be manly but with an air of mystique. Then it was time to get dressed, and I knew just the outfit – a new custom-fitted shirt and cardigan.And luckily due to my years of incessant complaining, all the mirrors in the house have now been moved down to “wiener level” so I can finally dress myself with ease.In fact, she played the part of my “main cheerleader” in the video.So it was cool to know that she’s worked in my “industry” before, having done some acting.

When you’re as famous and good looking as me, yes, dating really is . I’ll admit I did worry if she’d be able to contain herself around me in the restaurant, for I didn’t want to cause an embarrassing scene of her trying to rip my clothes off while I fend her away (but not really trying hard 😉 ). I figured I could probably use a shave, or at least a trim, but it’s always a bit nerve-racking when you don’t have very long hair to begin with!The day before I decided to take a bath so that I’d be clean as a whistle for our date. Strange, because it seemed like something she’d normally like. So, at the risk of accidentally shaving myself bald, I ended up skipping this step.