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The hot-headed young D'Artagnan along with three former legendary but now down on their luck Musketeers must unite and defeat a beautiful double agent and her villainous employer from seizing the French throne and engulfing Europe in war.

A slave-turned-gladiator finds himself in a race against time to save his true love, who has been betrothed to a corrupt Roman Senator.

In no time, D'Artagnan manages to offend Athos, Porthos and Aramis on different occasions and challenges them all to duels.

However before the duels can take place they are attacked by guards, trying to arrest them for illegal dueling.

As airships (similar to hot-air-balloons) are traveling at the speed of the wind, the people on board should experience this as complete calm. Gavotte (Dances from Terpsichore) Performed by Collegium Terpsichore, Fritz Neumeyer 1960 Deutsche Grammophon Courtesy of Universal Music Classic & Jazz - a Division of Universal Music See more » It would have been nice if this Mila Jovavich vehicle had anything remotely to do with the original Dumas masterpiece, but alas, it seems too much to ask of Hollywood's dread cash hounds, who, like some sort of anti-Jesus, can magically transform the finest of wine into sh*t.

The ex-musketeers and D'Artagnan fight off the soldiers, leading to the four men becoming a band with the motto of "All for one, and one for all".

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The musketeers and D'Artagnan are determined to save the royal family and France ...

During the flight from England back to France, the hair of The Musketeers is floating in the wind.

After failing in a scheme to steal Leonardo Da Vinci's airship blueprints, the Musketeers are disbanded by Cardinal Richelieu leaving Athos, Porthos and Aramis on the streets of Paris.

In the meantime, the young, reckless and ambitious D'Artagnan has set off from Gascony with dreams of becoming a musketeer himself, not realizing that they have been disbanded.

As the fabled Blood Moon approaches, the siblings encounter a new form of evil that might hold a secret to their past.

While still out to destroy the evil Umbrella Corporation, Alice joins a group of survivors living in a prison surrounded by the infected who also want to relocate to the mysterious but supposedly unharmed safe haven known only as Arcadia.