Are amanda seyfried and dominic cooper still dating 2016

22-Sep-2016 19:43

The British are still “sexually repressed”, he muses. Children are learning about sexuality through porn it seems now, rather than anyone discussing the beauty of it. It’s such a basic, fundamental purpose and reason for existence.” Cooper also sees a nugget of feminism in Rochester’s falling for the actress Elizabeth Barry (played by Ophelia Lovibond). And he adored it.” So does Cooper count himself as a feminist? ’ It’s like going on a rollercoaster — you question your sanity as you step in front of however many people possibly to fall flat on your face. Several times.” In Bath he caught the acting equivalent of the yips.

When I mention that sex ed isn’t mandatory, he is aghast. He had to shout for a line – something he’d never done before — and felt he couldn’t get back on top afterwards.

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“Sometimes you see them do this” — he claws at his face with his fingers, as though pulling off a mask. It’s a bit of a worry.” This started in a mild form with The History Boys, where he played the smooth-beyond-his-years Dakin.Somehow Dominic Cooper and I end up talking about “kamikaze sperm”. Cooper — a man who’s been voted the sexiest man alive — has just confessed to being intimately ignorant?The actor had been telling me how inadequate his school’s sex ed was. And so I hear myself making a similar admission in solidarity: that I only recently discovered much of male ejaculate may be “fighter sperm”, designed to prevent rivals fertilising eggs.He’s a great conversationalist too: opinions fire out of his mouth like balls out of a tennis shooter.

Today we’re discussing The Libertine, his new play at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, which is how we got on to the subject of sex.

“It’s a physical thing, to remove the memory.” Rochester, I note, is the latest in a line of cads and bounders Cooper has played. His co-stars in the play included James Corden and Russell Tovey.