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01-Nov-2014 22:45

French is also widely spoken and used in business and educated circles.

Some 234,000 (2004) Dom speak the Domari language (an Indo-Aryan language related to Romany) and are concentrated north of Cairo and in Luxor.

About 30,000 Egyptian Berbers living in the Siwa oasis and its surroundings speak Siwi Berber, which is a variety of the Berber language of North Africa.

Siwi Berber is well mutually intelligible with Libyan Berber dialects.

In ancient times, the population of western Egypt was probably made of Berber-speaking tribes.

Of the many varieties of Arabic, Egyptian Arabic is the most widely understood first dialect in the Middle East-North Africa, probably due to the influence of Egyptian cinema throughout the Arabic-speaking world.

A Bedouin Arab minority speaks a variety of Bedouin Arabic mostly in the Sinai Peninsula.

English is the most commonly used foreign language and most of the street plates are bilingual in Modern Standard Arabic and English.There are a few street plates with French instead of English.

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