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03-Feb-2015 11:27

The audience's women--most with carefully coiffed manes, some in shoulder-baring halter tops--applaud wildly.

Only one host--Muna Abu Sulayman, a Saudi Arabian working on a Ph. in American literature--is veiled, her shimmering hijab the shade of moonbeams. Known for her sexy film roles and scanty outfits, the young Egyptian star stunned her followers by recently deciding to wear the veil.

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Modeled on American hit The View, Kalam Nawaem, broadcast out of Beirut, is a potent mix of cozy chat and edgy issues.Its four hosts include a Palestinian actress, a Lebanese TV veteran--their blue-jeaned, blowdried sleekness straight off Madison Avenue--and a maternal Egyptian self-help columnist, a sort of Muslim Dear Abby. " Abu Sulayman says enthusiastically, smiling at Kalam Nawaem's first guest, actress Hala Shiha.Only time will show how this issue will be resolved.Download Links for Arab Sex Show On Webcam-ASW181: (If you have problems with one link try the other) » DOWNLOAD from » DOWNLOAD from » DOWNLOAD from Streaming Video Links : » WATCH/DLOAD the video on !

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From there on, all taboos were broken and they were really enjoying showing their naked asses and tits publicly online.

This just goes to show that Arabic girls and boys see the internet as a way to break out of the strict constraints that their society forces on them.