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02-Jan-2015 21:58

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i purchased this clock at a garage sale for and took it to a clock repair shop for cleaning and info about it . thank you in advance fc: Your inquiry deserves its own thread and so I have created a new one for you. In regards to Trend, you might be interested in this earlier thread as a starter.

the glass/door in front of the face opens UPWARDS .

hello ,my name is bill and i hate to intrude in your forum. clock works now , but the repairman(from a small town) didnt know much more than what i knew. A picture of the movement might possibly help narrow down the date a bit.

i have searched high and low around the net with much effort and was unable to find any good info about my clock.i have use forums before and know that great minds get together to pass invaulable info you can not find on the net . My bad, I missed that there are such pictures in your aalbum under your profile.

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i would also like to add that the title of this thread states "grandfather"clock.the clock stands 67 inches tall from floor up to its tallest peak.