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If he fails, he will be jailed if he attempts to practice medicine again.

While many may think of it as a modern concept, credentialing has been a part of physicians’ careers since long before the Middle Ages.

For nearly as long as medicine has been practiced in society, some form of credentialing has played an important part in ensuring the physician is capable and qualified to perform his or her duties.

As far back as 1000 BC, the ancient Persian cult of Zoraster outlined the process for physician “licensure.” The , a book of religious law, states that to earn the right to practice medicine a candidate had to prove himself by successfully treating three heretics.

If all three lived, he was considered fit to practice medicine for “ever and ever.” If all three died, he was denied the right to practice medicine.

By the medieval period, the credentialing process was becoming more involved.

During this time period, similar changes were occurring in Sicily.

From the May ACP Hospitalist, copyright 2009 by the American College of Physicians By Elizabeth Scoville and James S.

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He collects proof that he has studied for over eight years in physick, surgery and logic.

He proudly adds a letter from his master physician mentor extolling his extraordinary skill in leech placement and uncanny facility in astrology.

The young physician nervously heads off, credentials in hand, to be examined in public by a committee of master physicians.

If he passes, the emperor himself will issue a medical license.

In 13th century Paris, the formation of the College de Saint Come split the barber surgeons (surgeons of the long robe) from lay barbers (barbers of the short robe).

To become a member of the College, and thus a surgeon of the long robe, one had to meet specific conditions for admission and pass an examination given by a panel of surgeons.

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