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06-Aug-2015 10:56

Due to a logic error, the front page subbed tab was being updated by new dubs (even though dubbed tags don't appear).

I will set up a donation page soon, and maybe you can get some extra swagger on your account for donating.

:3 In preparation for a future update, I decided to bring parallaxing over to webkit browser (some swagger non-webkit browsers had) and did an update to the most popular episodes on the front page as well as adding a play icon to episode boxes.

Sorry for no recent updates as I am currently on vacation until the 20th.

Subscription updates are fixed (The sites current season wasn't changed, durr...).

I also fixed the anime rankings, as I forgot to set the cron job during the server move rush.

Due to a unanimous staff vote (holy shit that never happens), we have decided to change Winter from being the last season in the year of airing Anime, to the first season of the Anime year. The next season will be called Winter 2016, since the majority of the anime airing will be in January and February and not in December.

To augment this new change, all of the orders for season appearances have been changed to show Winter first.

Those ads were cancerous and virus inducing, and since we just dont have the amount of traffic to even make those types of ads mean something, I am electing to completely remove them.

That however, means that rawr is going to start needing some financial help soon.

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