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08-Sep-2016 04:12

versions of Japanese words are given in italics unless their usage in English has become commonplace (as is the case with anime).When pronouncing Japanese words one should be aware that each syllable is pronounced distinctly and with equal emphasis and that silent vowels are a rarity.

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qi gai and wang zi dating

sim: Short for dating simulation, its a popular type of interactive first-person computer game in Japan (but virtually unknown in North America beyond the anime fan community) which involves the main character trying to hook up with one or more of a variety of possible romantic interests.

Dating /doujinshi: Fan-produced fiction using characters from a popular manga or anime series.

cosplay: Short for costume play, this term refers to the practice of anime fans dressing up as their favorite anime characters and acting out either scenes from the anime or original situations involving the characters.

A staple feature of anime conventions on both sides of the Pacific.

An erotic adults-only version of a dating sim where the focus is on having sex with one or more potential candidates.

These games usually feature very explicit visuals and can explore very dark themes.

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