Android weather app not updating datingtoarelationship com

17-May-2015 17:31

I have the app and widget set to 30 minute updates.

I added it last night and when I got up this morning it still had yesterday's date and information on it.

The only way I've found to get the widget to update is to tap it, open the app and then exit. I had updated Geir previously in a separate inquiry he had sent, but in testing the update - which takes 24 hours - we found additional update issues.

It is looking like it may be Monday before the update as there are changes that need to be completed today and then re-testing, but as an end result updates should be considerably more robust in the next release.

Hi i just downloaded your weather app and im having weather refresh issues.

This required a second test and the updates are still not performing at the level that our 1Weather team desires.

They are making significant changes to the way that updates work to make sure that they are always pulling the newest information.