Anderson cooper dating outside race

11-Nov-2015 21:37

scoured the Twitter-sphere for your thoughts on the debut.

STORY: Anderson Cooper Wants an ' Honest Conversation' as ' Anderson' Premieres Since we know you’re always going to put it to us straight, we’re going to do the same.

You people really love looking at Anderson Cooper and furthermore commenting on looking at Anderson Cooper. Anderson Cooper launches a new TV show by exploiting the family of Amy Winehouse.

If we didn’t know better and only had the tweets to decide what this "Anderson Cooper is the most handsome man on daytime TV. Smooth, Anderson, really smooth…" – odditonic "I can't believe the most excellent interview Anderson Cooper is doing with Amy Winehouse's parents. A great & kind man." – Domestic P STORY: Amy Winehouse's Parents to Anderson Cooper: ' There Was No One There to Rescue Her So, thumbs up or thumbs down? " – shutupbuck "Anderson Cooper is too fly for an old white guy.

"I'm beginning to play in the snow a bit," she told talk show host Anderson Cooper.

now he's getting spray tanned by Snooki and wearing a purple and white checkered blouse." – Kerri AS "I kind of feel like Anderson Cooper is selling out with his new talk show. Stick to 360." – Brittscobie "Soooo, I just got done watching Anderson (: *thumbs up to Anderson Cooper* now I can happily watch you without it being news crap.

Anderson dressed in costume, receives a surprise visit from one of his daytime idols.

TONI BRAXTON has revealed that she his, for the first time, started dating outside her race.

The singer, who spilt from husband of 10 years Keri Lewis in 2009, said that she was enjoying a new relationship with a 'caucasian' man.

Plus, a TODDLERS & TIARAS update and Anderson’s new “Try This” segment, where he tries substitute teaching a kindergarten class. 2Stephanie Madoff Mack Speaks Out, Top Chef Challenge Anderson speaks with Stephanie Madoff Mack, widow of Bernie Madoff’s son Mark, who shares her reaction to mother-in-law, Ruth Madoff’s, interview with 60 MINUTES. Plus, Anderson invites psychic medium Lisa Williams to his house to find out if it really is haunted. 1Chaz Bono, TODDLERS & TIARAS Update and Anderson Teaches Kindergarten Anderson sits down with latest DANCING WITH THE STARS cast-off Chaz Bono and surprises him with a call from his mother, Cher.