An intimidating man

10-Aug-2015 16:50

On the other hand, how frustrating is it that men can be freaked out by impressive women?

Gender norms are shifting, and it can be hard for guys to get used to the idea of a woman who not only matches but potentially surpasses their strength.

Does crushing it at the gym, climbing the ladder at work, and looking put together while doing it actually scare men off? I asked my boyfriend whether this is more of a convenient reason guys use to break off a budding relationship or a legitimate feeling they might have when dealing with a powerful woman.

He says it's the latter.after he starts talking to the woman in question," says Blake.

If he's not able to do that because he's just too intimidated, well, that's fine.

We're Leaning In, trying to have it all, and making milestones in the process. I always thought "you're intimidating" was a paltry excuse a guy can whip out when he feels uncomfortable 'fessing up to the reality that he's just not into you.

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Having a partner who challenges you is one of the best ways to grow, plus it always keeps a relationship exciting.

There's nothing sexier than a guy who understands that he's dealing with a formidable, sexy, capable woman and rises to the occasion.

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