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This chart shows how China has crept up on the USA over time, and how the USSR ran the USA so close before its collapse at the end of the 1980s.You can also see how important the UK used to be in the Olympics medals ranking, with a high point in 1908.This may inflate the tallies beyond the official medals totals, but it still shows which countries have fared best at previous Olympics.Sebastian Coe, the former Olympic medallist who is head of the UK games organisers has predicted that this year it will be China.And some of those men have won a lot of medals - but the top medal winner of all time so far is Larisa Latinya, who won 18 medals for the Soviet Union. And in that time, 29,216 medals have been awarded - and splits roughly, but not equally, in three ways into Gold, Silver and Bronze. Get the full data here • Get the data • Interactive guide to this data • Data journalism and data visualisations from the Guardian Of the 26 Summer Olympics since 1896, this will be the third in London - the only city ever to have three games.

If a team has five members, that counts as six medals (five individuals and one team win).That is how the Olympic database supplies the information.The medal tables have been dominated by men, with more male sports in each Olympiad - but this chart shows how, based on medals, that gender balance is shifting.Even so, there are still concerns this year about gender inequality and the Olympics, with some countries still refusing to allow women to train and compete.

In fact, the first two Olympiads awarded silver medals and an olive wreath for the winner.

The IOC retrospectively awarded gold, bronze and silver to athletes based on their rankings.

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