Alliancedating conm

09-Oct-2015 01:25

A context, according to political and diplomatic observers, despite the decision of the United Nations Arbitral Tribunal, after several months of hearings and submission of documents, that the Philippines has exclusive sovereign rights over the West Philippine Sea (in the South China Sea) and that the “nine-dash line” of China, which was absent throughout the proceedings and refused to recognize the case, is invalid.At a news conference in Manila, Yasay went to great lengths to explain that decisions on joint exercises between Washington and Manila were made by the Philippine-US Mutual Defense Board, which recommended to Duterte’s predecessor administration the continuation of war games up to 2017, stressing this could be reviewed by the Duterte administration after next year.IMMEDIATELY after President Rodrigo Duterte ended his sentence that he would soon end joint military exercises with the United States, Washington said, like some thunderclap chasing a lightning bolt, that Philippine-US relations are “ironclad.” In San Diego, California, Pentagon chief Ashton Carter said Washington’s alliance with Manila, its closest ally in Southeast Asia, remained unwavering despite Duterte’s statement to make matters up with China. 28, the 71-year-old Duterte said he would soon end joint military exercises with the United States, in what political observers call a symbolic blow to a military alliance dating back more than 60 years.He made the statement before several Vietnam-based Filipinos in Hanoi, in his usual circuitous style, at the start of a two-day official visit.But while the President’s key men try to explain the former’s statements, the Communist Party of the Philippines, which resumes peace talks with the Philippine government in Oslo, Norway in the second week of October, has hailed Duterte’s statements.

Duterte said: “I will serve notice to [the Americans] now, that this [military war games in October] will be the last military exercise, jointly Philippine-US, the last one.” Senior presidential aides had been blowing a fuse downplaying the President’s appearingly tough stance.

But he repeated the statement on his return to Davao City, adding the previous joint exercises did not result in technology transfer from the US military.