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31-Aug-2015 15:15

“Whatever why I’m so so missing Tony,” Wendi Deng once wrote to herself. But, aside from the tall thing, she could easily have been writing about Volodya, otherwise known as Vladimir Putin.

“Because he is so so charming and his clothes are so good. According to a report in Us Weekly, Wendi Deng and Putin are not only dating, they are “serious.” Is it true?

“I think that he is a magnificent man, a strong leader, and the ideal leader of the country,” Kharcheva wrote.

She thought about what to give this glorious man for his birthday. “I remembered that he (just like me) also loves animals, but I’d never heard that he had a beloved cat,” she wrote.

And, as one Russia watcher pointed out on Facebook, Putin has been wanting to strengthen relations with China.

On the other, Wendi Deng isn’t exactly Putin’s type.

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According to his spokesman, Putin was said to have seen and liked the calendar. In 2012, for Putin’s 60th birthday, Kharcheva posed alone in a project titled “Pussy for Putin.” Leaning forward coquettishly over a portrait of Putin, she snuggles a black kitten in her deep, red décolleté.He has such good body and he has really really good legs Butt … As much as I trust Us Weekly’s dogged reporting, it really would be hard to know if the rumors are true. It could also be a great way to stick it to Rupert: You may be married to a sex symbol of yesteryear, but my man is not only rich but has nuclear codes and regularly shakes up the geopolitical stage as if it were an Etch a Sketch. Bart’s on the boat of Russian oligarch — and noted yacht gifter — Roman Abramovich. and what else and what else and what else …” She was, apparently, writing about Tony Blair, and the suspicions that she was following through on her fantasies about the former British prime minister that destroyed her 14-year marriage to Monty Burns impersonator, Rupert Murdoch.“I found a wonderful little kitty to give the president.

Today, we’ve also learned of a different new woman who may or may not be Putin’s riding partner. Back in 2010, she had just graduated high school and was beginning her studies in journalism.

In October, a few of her fellow journalism students posed for a calendar for Putin’s 58th birthday.