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I am always interested in knowing about important references that I don’t have, and I am especially always interested in receiving copies of articles from their authors if I don’t have them in my library.I have written the annotations to make them easy for me to search.An introduction to the Islamic coinage of Egypt, beginning with the Umayyads and ending in 1939. K., Vostochnaya Numizmatika v Ukraine: Ulus Dzhuchi, Krymskoe Khanstvo i Sopredel’nye Gosudarstva, XIII - XVIII vv, Sbornik Publikatsii Chast’ III, Izdatel’stvo Logos, Kiev, 2013, pp. Once thought to be struck in Tana, the author concludes that the coins were actually struck at Kaffa for use by the Golden Horde, not the Genoese in Kaffa. The text is in Georgian, so it doesn’t help me much, but the plates are decent and there are tables with variations in legends.It covers Umayyad, Abbasid, Fatimid, Ayyubid, Mamluk, Ottoman and post-Ottoman coinage. The article includes many photographs and drawings of this enigmatic type. Katalog Trapezundskikh Asprov i Zapadnogruzinskikh Monet (Kirmaneuli) Gos. Unfortunately, the numbers don’t match up with the text descriptions or the plates. It concentrates primarily on the ancient coinage (B. 600 through the Kandy coinage), but also includes types through 1815. There is a brief historical and geographical overview. Catalague of coins of Russia from the reign of Peter I (the Great) through the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia. Much data on individual issues and an attempt at valuations with comparisons to Krause. Akyopyan (eds.) Polytropos: Sbornik Nauchnykh Statei Pamyati Arkadiya Anatol’evicha Molchanova (1947-2010), Izdatel’stvo Indrik, Moscow, 2014.Names of Islamic dynasties are spelled as they are in Steve Album’s Checklist of Islamic Coins.I can find all references about the Golden Horde, Mamluks, Germany, Bavaria, Ireland, Yemen, etc, by searching the text for those key words.It’s not perfect, but it offsets my inability to remember what I have.

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It is not a comprehensive bibliography of all references pertinent to my interests, only what I actually own.

I simply do not have the time to make photocopies of my rare or out-of-print books or lengthy articles, so please don’t ask me to do it.

The American Numismatic Association lends its books to members, the American Numismatic Society will photocopy short articles for members, and most libraries have an interlibrary loan service. That is how I got many of the works in my own library.

Muzeya Gruzii/ Catalogue of Trebizond Aspers and West Georgian Coins in the National Museum of Georgia. Comprehensive treatment of the Islamic Golden Horde dynasty, with earlier issues of the Giray Khans included. Description of new types found in a hoard in the ancient city of Dvin. Fadl I, Byzantine coins after Dvin changed from Shaddadid hands, resumption of Shaddadid coinage under Abu Nasr Iskandar b.

I am not a professional numismatist, only an avid collector.

I have recently retired as a conservation biologist and use my time to pursue my coin hobby and other interests, to play with my dogs, to keep up my home, and otherwise to relax.

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