Al pacino and diane keaton dating

31-Jan-2016 18:59

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Long before his eight Oscar nominations and single win (for Scent Of A Woman) Pacino was just another youngster smoking and drinking from an early age in a tough district of New York.

Looking back, the star, who was born in April 1940, recalled being brought up by his grandparents and mother in the Bronx.

And 73-year-old Al’s snub meant Richard Gere landed the part in one of the most popular romantic comedies in movie history.

In a rare interview, the Hollywood star told how other actors were put on the road to fame by him rejecting a string of major film roles.

He knocked back the lead in Die Hard, paving the way for Bruce Willis to grab the part. That role was mine for the taking, but I couldn’t understand the script.” Holding up his hands in embarrassment, he added: “I’m not a good judge of what’s good.” Turning down Pretty Woman meant Pacino missed out on the role of a nice-guy heart-throb, but away from the hard-man screen image fostered in the Godfather and Scarface, he comes across as a bit of an old softy.

Pacino said with a grin: “I gave that boy a career. Al was speaking at the London Palladium in an interview with TV presenter Emma Freud.

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We used to play tag on the roofs so you would run from one roof to the other. Thankfully for him, he got a break through drama classes at school.

“Wow, if you missed, sometimes you would go up the slope and say, ‘It is six floors down, holy smokes I almost died.’ “We used to scale the roofs too. He added: “I was very lucky because in school I got into the drama world and I had the most wonderful teacher.

And by the sound of it, he was lucky to survive long enough to get into acting as he spent a great deal of time larking about on dangerous rooftops.

He said: “I come from a broken home, like a lot of actors, and I was born in Manhattan and I grew up in the South Bronx. “The cop on the beat used to buy us booze when I was 13 and 14. "He would say have a little of this and he would keep a watch on us.

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When he was handed the part of cold, calculating Mafia boss Michael Corleone in The Godfather, Al Pacino knew it was an offer he couldn’t refuse.But the veteran actor DID turn down another famous role that could have changed his screen image dramatically – the lead in Pretty Woman.

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