Ajaxformcomponentupdatingbehavior example

29-Jul-2016 02:21

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The image on the left shows that a lot of page scanning is needed even with moderate sized forms.

With more than a few fields, the user is confused as which error corresponds to which field.

This is what we are going to make: As you can see, the error messages are directly next to the component that caused the error.

The following is an example of a standard Wicket form.

This kind of form is the one you get without doing any ‘special’ magic things.

It is a big problem when your e-commerce site scares away many potential clients who can’t complete your web forms!

By default Wicket shows error messages together in a single place in the HTML form.This has some drawbacks to usability, especially if you have long forms with lots of fields.Place your mouse cursor over the image to see the default error messages above the form.This form will be the starting point for our improvements.

Read further for a tutorial exploring possibilities to improve the location of the error on the page, thereby improving usability.The default Feedback Panel shows all errors in one place.

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