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Not only did Palmer provide potential advertisers with space rates for each available publication, but he also presented them with a full production that organized each publication according to target market and population.When necessary, Palmer advised advertisers on appropriate advertising copy, sculpting efficient works at no cost to the client. Ayer bought Palmer's agency and its reputation..greatly enhanced it.Visual Devices for Selling As products became plentiful through means of mass production, retailers moved from the plain copy ads to more sophisticated methods, including decorative type styles, reversed type on black backgrounds.Engraved images were customized for each client or selections were made from stock images (in the letterpress world are called Expanding Product Virtues The strategy of early advertising was to convince the buyer of the quality of the product.Many publications banned advertising while others limited the space to one column width.However by 1870 there were over 5,000 newspapers in circulation which carried advertising and the demand for advertising services was rapidly growing.A flattering illustration of the product, numerous descriptions extolling its virtues or testimonials from prominent citizens were commonly used.

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Palmer, Esq., claimed to be the sole representative of 1,300 of the estimated 2,000 newspapers published" at that time.Palmer's extensive list of followers was unheard of at the time, as were the systematic methods he used to operate his agency.

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