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15-Apr-2015 12:10

Though individual profiles may not be truthful, meeting online "offers you some protections against the wiliness of bold men," she writes.And online introductions make first meetings easier than old-fashioned blind dates.Before posting your own profile, pray about it and' ask friends to review it to help you stay authentic advises Bonaccorso, who met her husband online.Furthermore, two people who seem completely compatible at first may grow in different directions over time.Bonaccorso devotes considerable attention to Internet going to church every week n help with some weekends jobs in the church.o find joy doing that.waiting for my match. I love this beautiful city with all its eccentricities and charm.

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She discovered that "When things aren't gelling, God is usually saying `Veer left,' or `Veer right,'" even to the extent of considering a man outside your faith.

She also suggests that compromises can be made in areas like politics, preferences in music, social issues, diet, and interior design choices.

I never give up on life and am driven by challenges. I am active, 39, I like do some sports for my pleasure time.

Amy Bonaccorso wrote this book as a way of sharing lessons she learned while searching for a suitable Christian spouse.

It seems one man she dated met all the criteria, but bolted when she got sick.

That experience led her to analyze "the Christian dating problem." She found it fraught with hypocrisy and rigidity, and the rigid aspect was apparent in her own expectations.