Advice dating thai women

27-Nov-2014 20:07

With girls working regular low paying jobs or in tourist/service business, the few so far ive dated has been like western, but not the uni girls?

- Nice guy / bad boy Just how much of being a "gentleman" is expected?

I realise it must mean some interest, but is she trying to screen me and what is the best response?

- Nightclubs Whats the strategy in these places like RCA?

Almost like if she does it she has comitted you to her social group and anything you do will reflect on her?

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Im not talking about kissing ass (not publicly at least), but stuff like teasing, making fun of her, playfully of course, does this go over well?

- Social pressure One thing that i find a little annoying is that a lot of these university girls or like, will be very distant and aloof when in public like make sure not to make eye contact or acknowledge your precense, but if you were to meet her alone she'd be all over you sending you signals, its like its a very big deal for her to publicly show an interest in you.