Adventure dating new york city

14-Dec-2015 07:32

Of my five-and-a-half years in New York, I’ve spent four of them single in the city.I’ve definitely met some pretty amazing people, along with an equal amount of terrible ones.More often than not, you're weeding through the ones who are looking for a girl to bide their time with, but not commit to.It's New York City, there's always a better restaurant, a better bar, a better coffee shop, a better apartment, a better gym, a better slice of pizza.Before I book a one-way plane ticket to another place that doesn’t seem as harsh, brass, cold, and as Manhattan, I decided to ask people to describe what dating is like where they live: "No one moves to New York City to fall in love.It's hard to meet someone here who's more interested in you than they are in following their dreams — or even willing to try and balance both.

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Like many women who left a small town to move to the big city, I had a few (read: a lot) of unrealistic expectations about what New York would be like.

While my career has absolutely surprised me — and I’m thankful for how happy it makes me —when it comes to dating in a big city..let’s just say I’ve built an entire blog (and written a book) based on mostly bad experiences about my love life in New York.