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Users upload photos, name their school, age and a wealth of other personal information.

Many user profiles are available for viewing without even signing up for the site.

This gives employers another avenue to check on you, and gives potentially unsafe persons the opportunity to access your personal information.

The images and information you post up could come back to haunt you.

Nearly half of the 20 million new sexually transmitted diseases diagnosed each year are people aged 15 to 25 years old.

College students see a higher rate of sexually transmitted diseases and adding the element of online dating increases their exposure to people and diseases if they’re not careful.

Student loans surpass credit card and auto loan debts. But signing up for a site like can ruin your reputation and make it harder to find a job in this market than not having a four-year degree.

While the arrangement may be consensual, the risks outweigh the benefits.Personal health is another issue stemming from websites for sugar babies and other forms of online dating.In 2004, a research team at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta found that 43 percent of the women they surveyed had had sex with someone they met online, and those women tended to have a high rate of sexually transmitted infections.Many people have experienced success from online dating sites.


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The online dating industry has seen tremendous growth.According to David Evans of Online Dating, the online dating industry in North America has grown from about million in revenue in 2000 to more than .5 billion.