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24-Aug-2015 23:41

(Girls) How old were you when you wore your first bra? Have you ever had sex with someone and not known their name? Dares: These are tough because I do not know what you would be comfortable with. Not counting your current boyfriend/girlfriend, which person playing the game would you most like to have sex with?

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Have you ever caused a guy to ejaculate pre-maturely (Girls)? Have you ever not been able to get an erection when having sex (Guys)?

Have you ever slept with your friends' mother or father? Have you ever been caught masturbating by someone other than your boyfriend/girlfriend?

What is the most uncomfortable place you have ever had sex?

Choose a player of the same sex and kiss their *** in front of the group. Choose a player of the same sex and lick their penis/boobs in front of the group.

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okay me and some friends are going to have a night of truth or dare thats going to be xrated. There were some side bets like shots, kissing, etc, but your game sounds wild! My recommended dares are a little less "anything goes" than some of the other suggestions, but ones that I would be comfortable doing. the way we are playing it is there will be 2 bowls one for truth one for date and you pick the paper out and do whats on the paper.