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Here I show how sense can enable complex understandings of the social interactions.Finally this thesis explores how atmospheres in white gay spaces can be sensed by GBME men, here I show how atmospheres may be racialized to exclude GBME men. However not all participants felt that BME communities were more homophobic than the White community.

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This thesis begins by exploring how interpellation and the interpellative gaze respectively impact upon the discursive and affective attributes of embodied subjectivity.

Discrimination of this nature was not mentioned by other participants but, to reiterate, most of the focus group participants did not engage with the scene.

This thesis argues that whiteness can be experienced as an affective sense of whiteness by GBME men in white gay spaces. Under One Sky: A Bristol LGB Forum report on the experiences and needs of Lesbian Gay and Bisexual people from Black and Other Minority Ethnic and Faith communities, in Bristol. Moreover, homophobia on the one hand was balanced against racism.

The underlying tension described by many LGB people in the study was of a lack of understanding and acceptance of the fluidity of identity from White, BME, LGB and non-LGB communities...

The empirical research involved face-to-face semi-structured interviews with 11 GBME men and 3 gay support officers who were GWME (gay white majority ethnic) men.The locations for the interviews were London and the north of England.

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