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I've also tried to make this site as versatile as possible. What responsibility do individuals have when groups act in ways that can be considered evil?

In addition to the links to websites related to the various themes, I've linked (when possible) each text to an online version so that you can preview the literature when considering possibilities. Are individuals evil when they do not contest the behavior of the groups they belong to if they think that behavior is wrong?

The lists of texts are intended to be responsive to a range of readers in terms of age, reading ability, interests, and so on, so that the unit themes could be adapted to readers of different grade levels, communities, etc. Scott: House Made of Dawn Morrison, Toni: Beloved Proulx, E. "A More Perfect Union") Obama, Barack: The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream Rawick, George P. : Google's Internet Browser, Google Chrome, has some compatibility issues with the files within the Virtual Library.The lists include both canonical works and less familiar texts, including literature, film, and popular music. (Ed.): The American Slave: A Composite Autobiography Thoreau, Henry David: Walden Steinbeck, John: Travels with Charley Whitman, Walt: Democratic Vistas Drama Albee, Edward: The American Dream Miller, Arthur: The Death of a Salesman Serling, Rod: Requiem for a Heavyweight Autobiographies Brown, Claude: Manchild in the Promised Land Cofer, Judith Oritz: Silent Dancing Dillard, Annie: An American Childhood Franklin, Ben: Autobiography Hellman, Lillian: An Unfinished Woman Kingston, Maxine Hong: The Woman Warrior Powell, Colin: My American Journey: An Autobiography Graphic Novels/Manga Kaiji Kawaguchi: Eagle: The Making of an Asian-American President Grant Morrison, John Dell, Howard Porter: JLA Vol. This is a problem with Google's pdf plug-in, and not the files in the library.

Jens was a charter member of Elia Kazan's company at Lincoln Center where she starred in After the Fall, Tartuffe, But For Whom Charlie and later under Jules Irving 's direction, Mary Stuart and Ride Across Lake Constance.… continue reading »

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