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If you have more terms you wish to add - or amendments to make please feel free to post them to end of the thread. Agets de la Couronne: (Fr.) Crown Agents ( Great Britain). S.: steamship of the Danube Steam Navigation Company; 1890s: built for the upper Danube lines. Air Mail Semi-Official Stamp: privately printed stamps used for private flights in balloons or planes. Arbah: bogus, one of the Sicmon Islands in the South Pacific created by Nick Bantock for his book, Griffin & Sabine. Columbian Exposition Registration Stamp: label for 1893 exposition possibly used for registering for drawing or another event. Columbus Archipelago: Galapagos Island, stamps could be used throughout Ecuador. Column Total: marginal inscription printed by the post office on stamps of Germany with the face value of the column of stamps. Fezzan Occupation Francaise: (Fr.) overprint on stamps of Italy and Libya for French occupation, 1943, see Libya. Fialovocerná: (Czech.) violet-black, purple-black (color)Fialovocervená: (Czech.) violet-red, purple-red (color)Fialovohnedá: (Czech.) violet-brown, purple-brown (color)Fialovomodrá: (Czech.) violet-blue, purple-blue (color)Fialovosedá: (Czech.) violet-grey, purple-grey (color). Fiesta de la Hispanidad: (Sp.) national holiday celebrated on Oct. Fifi: British Colonial Royal Wedding frames from book "Surreal Stamps and Unreal Stickers."Fifth Clause Post: British handstamp pertaining to the 5th Clause of an Act of Parliament regarding village posts.

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Orono, ME: Center for the Study of Early Man, University of Maine at Orono, pp.73-110.

Several letters are split up into more than one post as the size was "choking" the server due to the vast amount of data. Agency: 1: a commercial firm that promotes and sells the postal products of the country or countries it represents, 2: a post office maintained in one country's territory by another country. Agricultural: (Sp.) triangular stamps issued by Uruguay for farmers' parcels, 1929"A" Grill: one of several types of grills used in the 19th century, which covers the entire stamp. Aguascalientes: District of Mexico; 1914: issued revolutionary provisional overprint "Gobierno Constitucionalista." Aguascaltes:used as a district overprint in Aguascalientes, 1856. 2: labels used to mark letters or packages for shipment by air; also known as etiquettes. Color Trials: proof impressions in various colors to aid in color selection for the issued stamp. F I: Finland, including the Ã…land Islands, country code as used by UPU. Fieldmail Supplies: United Kingdom strike local post, 1971. 8: stamps of Hamburg used in Bergedorf, 1868, Jan.1: stamps of the North German Confederation, 1870: became part of the German Empire, 1871: stamps of the German Empire.

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If you are looking for NUMBERS look for them as they are spelled ie 3 would be under T for three. Agents: individuals, acting on behalf of a post office, collected incoming mail and departure mail, or en route of a boat or train; may have used postal markings and entered items into the mail stream. Agenzia dei piroscafi Ottomania: (It.) Ottoman Steamship agency, Turkish Steamship Company, 1840-62. Agramunt: local, Spanish civil war, Republican, 1937. Agricoltura: (It., Sp..) agriculture, theme or topic. Agüera, La: part of Spanish Sahara, Africa; 1920-1923: used Spanish Rio de Oro stamps overprinted "La Agüera," 1924 stamps of Spanish Sahara. Aguilas: local Spanish civil war, Republican, 1937. Air Mail Postal Card: a postal card intended for air mail usage. Color Variations: frequently found on the Giori press on which up to three colors are printed. FI: fiscals; a philatelic discipline recognized for FIP exhibitions. Ficha: (Sp.) small stock cards for mounting stamps. Field Post Office: a post office established for servicemen on active service.

Thanks to the owners of "Ask Phil" we have a large amount of data already here. I would like to request all members have a look at their favorite topics and check the entries. Agenzia dei vapori Ottomania: (It.) Ottoman Steamship agency, Turkish Steamship Company, 1840-62. Aguinaldo: Philippines, local revolutionary issue of 1898. Air Mail rotary set: refers to the 1995 series from Panama issued to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of Rotary international. Arbeitsgemeinschaft, Arge: (Ger.) philatelic study group for a particular area of collecting. Colosnah: city in Egypt, Interpostal Seals used 1879-82, see Interpostal Seals. Column: a single-stamp width multiple of stamps from a sheet, pane or booklet in a vertical format; horizontal strips are called "row."Columnas: (Sp.) pillar boxes, or mail boxes. F F, F fr: catalog abbreviation for currency in Andorra, France and Monaco, (Franc). FFUS: abbreviation for first flights by US airlines. F I A F: (Sp.) "Federación Interamericana de Filatelia," Inter American Federation of Philately. FIDES: Economic and Development Fund; common theme on stamps of the French Community of Nations, 1956. Fiera di Trieste: (It.) overprint on stamps of Italy, Trieste, 1950-53.

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