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19-Jul-2016 15:56

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, but you have never replied to my previous Formal emails .

( have a look at Tripadvisor and Cruisecritics forums and you will be surprised ) Below you will find an email that I have received yesterday from an Australian Customer "Hi Alex I am getting mixed messages about Visa requirements for our Tunisia port of call.

The Goulette Village cruise terminal say we are transit passengers for one day only, therefore no visa required.

As for the Travel agent, he should care only about his business and nothing else, just like you by the way. -------- Message d'origine-------- De: Alex Date: mar.

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a reply regarding a complaint I made to the embassy regarding providing wrong info to Australian Cruisers and the visa requirement . Hi, No one can teach us what we can do and you have no right to interfere in our work.

It's a pity that a lot of people misunderstood freedom of speech by mixing it with blasphemy.

Hi, First Of all thanks for you Reply , Clarification and also enhancing my knowledge in International Law , It is Much appreciated.

However , as a Tour Guide and a Tour operator who interacts on a regular basis with Australians Cruisers I can confirm to you that none of them needed a Visa ( I doubt that the customs would let them pass if they needed one and didn't have it ) therefore I know exactly what I'am talking about , and I can assure you that a lot of Australians are complaining about your service such as not replying to them , not answering the phone , etc...

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However, a previous cruise I did not require separate visa and Immigration was handled by the Ship's Administration." To Conclude , I am neither a King or a Royal , I am just a Citizen who cares about this country , and about the Tourism Industry , and I'am fully aware of the Rules of respect and Dignity but unfortunatly this is the only way to get your attention .