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Im afraid at night afraid of someone coming in my room when I'm asleep. I'd think my mother would send an email, but no, not a word from any of my foo's members. The whiny manipulating jerk that won't stand up for himself.

Thats how I felt sick and tired of hearing everyone's dirty dark secrets. Dear friends, Two days ago it was my toddler's aniversary, my baby turned two.

Any amount you donate will be appreciated and valued. I woke this morning and discovered that the stigmata os pain and discomfort in my nether regions had gone. I didn't sent those, somehow I just didn't have the courage and on the other hand it felt as if it's going to change nothing so at the end I felt at peace with not sending them. This commentary might help those survivors who are parents and not sure what their kids want or need. I keep denying my anger it's my greatest fear my anger.

The 12 Steps to Self-Parenting Step 1 - Admitted our powerlessness to change our past - that our lives had become unmanageable and became willing to surrender our love and not to our fear. And of course the first place to look is my childhood. Looking back I know I never had a...+ did yoga and colored today. I was so afraid of not being able to sleep and now have come to the point I'll sleep eventually. Dear mom and dad, If only you had been HONEST and REAL most of what I came to think and feel ab... Iam so pissed off right now about the recovery place I was at . I have friends going thru stuff and I went to them for advice when they are more messed up than m... Shame that I have lost my own voice, or at least have hidden it. That I can't ask for what I need even when I know what that is. Dear friends, I am at present reading Susan Forward's book about 'Mother who can't love' andshe is suggesting an exercice which consists or writing a letter to my mother, organizedin 4 parts. LINK TO THE DISCUSSION Step 2 - Find hope in the belief that recovery is possible through faith and an acceptance o... I don't have a lot of memories about money, or rather the limited money that there was until I was about 10. a word used over and over yet never saw it come to pass. Theres a mental filter that he's indifferent like my dad and I have to turn inside out to get him to listen to me. About where I'm at in friggin life isn't friggin living . There is no phrase or sentence that bothers me more than this idiotic cliche: "They did the very best that they could with what they knew.", as it is applied to parents. (the letter is NOT to be sent) Part 1 : What you did to me Part 2 : How it made me feel. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.By clicking the graphic link above you will be taken to where you can make a donation amount of your choice to ensure this site stays fully self supporting through its members contributions. I had to establish a beach-head within myself in order to do this. I wronte emails/letters of boundary setting for my parents. So now I feel guilty, and wonder, is it because I haven't return her call the last Sunday, is it because she is mad at me for this and that, w... My friends same thing glad you're back to your old self.

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Please read this so you can become familar with what ACA is, the do's and don't's, etc. On several occasions I ran smack into the sliding glass door,-a shocking reality check! Because of time contrains and the length of time it takes to place these writings in each online...