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These include: savings on raw materials, powder, logistic costs per round; increased combat load (in number of rounds carried) per soldier; decreased weight, size and cost of rifles; decreased recoil, which is conductive to increased accuracy; and a few others.Traditional rifle cartridges of the era had a “lethal range” well in excess of two kilometers; however, under combat conditions no one (well, almost no one, but more on this later) can expect an average soldier to be able to hit a man-sized target at ranges longer than 300-500 meters.Furthermore, decreasing the power of rifle ammunition has several benefits.In fact, this concept called for THE “Assault” rifle, but its early implementations, such as CSRG M1915 and BAR M1918 mentioned before, or the Russian Fedorov M1916, had some inherent flaws.Browning BAR 1918 automatic rifle in its original assault / walking fire role Experimental "assault phase rifle" by Isaac Lewis, developed circa 1918 to compete with BAR M1918.This “extra power” resulted in significant recoil, as well as a noticeable weight of the ammunition and of the rifles that fired it, increasing manufacturing and logistic costs and making such automatic rifles harder to use in combat.

The term “Assault rifle”, despite its widespread use, is controversial, mostly because there’s no single agreed definition for it.

It first became well-known during and shortly after WW2 as a political/propaganda measure on the part of Adolph Hitler, although both the basic concept and the term itself have a noticeably longer history.