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25-Nov-2014 00:00

OSW collective CV 2011 'Collected Collaborations', curated by Kirrily Hammond, MUMA, Melbourne.

2010 'Diagram of Relations 2007/2010' (video installation), in 'Rapid Slowness', curated by Kathy Temin, Art and Design Faculty Gallery, Monash University, Melbounre.

2007 'Diagram of Relations 2003-07' [video], in 'workshop.nonstop', curated by Lisa Kelly, Loose Projects, Sydney. Terri Bird CV 2008 In praise of blandness, curator Domenical de Clario, Art & Design Faculty Gallery, Monash University, Melbourne.

Erupting from this process, and framed through an ongoing interest in gravity and temporal registers, OSW uses various workshopping processes entailing collective experiments with techniques, technologies, machines, and materials, group excursions and collaborative writing exercises.These workshops are made public at various stages of their development with exhibitions being generative of new work; as such the work exists in a state of perpetual production.