Accommodating people with disabilities alicia dating

02-Oct-2015 13:26

LSAC is committed to ensuring access to the LSAT by providing appropriate accommodation for test takers with documented disabilities.We strive to make accommodation decisions consistent with our legal obligations.Barring unforeseen circumstances, LSAC will respond to your request for testing accommodation within 14 business days of its receipt.

This will facilitate your planning and preparation for the test.

If you choose to register during the late registration period, your ability to appeal any denial of test accommodation in time for your test date may be affected.

If your request for accommodation is granted, LSAC will make arrangements with the test center and send both you and the test center supervisor confirmation of the accommodation granted.

Since some test centers may be unable to provide certain types of accommodation, LSAC strongly recommends that you register early to allow sufficient time for alternate arrangements, if necessary.

LSAC has entered into a Consent Decree with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the United States regarding testing accommodations for individuals with disabilities nationwide.

For further information and to read the text of the Decree, please visit gov/lsac_