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The age of marriage for women is at an all-time high. Meanwhile, the average 60-year-old has another 25 years to live.

Thus both young and old have more opportunities for a satisfying life outside marriage than ever before.

And women's economic independence gives them the option to leave a bad marriage or refuse a shotgun one.

We should distinguish between risks inherent in a particular family structure and risks that flow from other family dynamics or social factors.

Researchers studying children who do poorly after divorce, for example, have found their behavior problems were often already evident years before the divorce took place, suggesting that both child maladjustment and divorce are frequently symptoms of more deep-rooted family dysfunctions.

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I recognize that review essays give authors scant time to explore books in depth, but Andrew Hacker's treatment of The Way We Really Are: Coming to Terms with America's Changing Families [NYR, December 4, 1997] leaves the impression that I romanticize single parenthood.

But modern socioeconomic trends ensure that, like it or not, family diversity is also here to stay.

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My book never equates divorce with "liberation." In fact, it points out that children of divorced parents, unwed mothers, and stepfamilies have, on average, more adjustment problems than children raised by continuously married couples.

An effective parental alliance and respectful marriage offer children many advantages.

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A healthy marriage, however, is not always what one gets, and a high-conflict marriage is usually harder on kids than divorce or nonmarriage.

My book suggests we can save more marriages than we currently do by adjusting work policies, school hours, and the household division of labor to the reality that mothers are in the workforce to stay.

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