Accomidating wiki

12-Feb-2015 23:14

obliging; willing to do favors Familiarity information: ACCOMMODATING used as an adjective is rare.

At a certain moment this process becomes regenerative (vicious cycle) and results in the rapid ascending phase of action potential.

In parallel with the depolarisation and sodium channel activation, the inactivation process of the sodium channels is also driven by depolarisation.

Since inactivation is much slower than activation process, during the regenerative phase of action potential inactivation is unable to prevent the "chain reaction" like rapid increase in the membrane voltage.

During neuronal accommodation the slowly rising depolarisation drives the activation and inactivation, as well as the potassium gates simultaneously and never evokes action potential.

Secondly, the steady state ionic current at all strengths of depolarization is outward, so that an applied cathodal current which rises sufficiently slowly will never evoke a regenerative response from the membrane, and excitation will not occur." (quote from Hodgkin and Huxley) In vivo physiologic condition accommodation breaks down, that is long-duration slowly rising current excites nerve fibers at a nearly constant intensity no matter how slowly this intensity is approached.

helpful in bringing about a harmonious adaptation 2.