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Coupling: The services implementations must be loosly coupled. This section helps you in creating the Spring WS project template.

This must be achieved by adopting the code to interface technique. Create Service End Points Setup Maven Copy the attached into the following folders.m2 folder. The command downloads the spring project template from the maven repository and installs it in the services folder.

Design Methodology Overview The Service design methodology comes from the principle of Contract First approach. This project has the folders representing all the other folders such as DAO, Domain, Service and Spring WS.

With Contract First approach the Service contracts are defined by covering the following aspects. Importing this one project is sufficient if there is no requirement to build the other projects individually.b.

Interface Information Security Information Service Level Information Service Access Point Service Description Semantic Model Data Types Operations Security Mechanisms Access Criteria and Restrictions Information Security Marking Service Level Specifications Network Requirements Service Access Point Web Service Design Methodology The Services Design methodology comprises of following steps. Service DAOThis project has all the DOA classes that are required to be used by the service implementation.

Clarity can be improved using a suitable naming convention, and by including additional documentation that describes the semantics of each service and its operations. SLA Governance Development Methodology Web Service Development Methodology The Services development methodology comprises of following steps. In this case it is eclipse:eclispe Import the created projects into eclipse by selecting the “Existing Projects into workspace”.

Uniformity of naming services, operations and parameters can significantly improve usability of interfaces and at the same time minimize ambiguity. The imported eclipse project must look similar to the following image. Service Project This is the parent project containing all the other folders.


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Clarity, Uniformity and Elegance: Services should have well defined semantics and should be easily understood to improve usability. C:\Projects\ANF\Servicesmvn archetype:generate -Darchetype Group Id=org.anfcorp.service -Darchetype Artifact Id=service-archetype -Darchetype Version=1.0-SNAPSHOT This section creates the transforms the Spring project created using the archetype into an eclipse project.Web Service interface should explicitly describe operations that the service performs, including the semantics of the parameters. Run the following command from the folder created by the archtype command.

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