Aboriginal dating customs

26-May-2015 09:16

In this respect, the young girls generally aged between nine and thirteen were not required to participate in sexual relation with their future husbands until they were beyond puberty.

Transition from childhood to adolescence and preparation for marriage were dealt with in some detail by Aboriginal women.

The Australian landscape and the surrounding natural features were some of the things that shape Aboriginal mythology which, in turn, had become projections of "the time long past".

In Aboriginal society, the women were responsible for extracting, used and cooked bush foods while older women transmitted knowledge about bush lore to younger women and children.

For boys, there were many opportunities to become familiar with territories other than his own since at circumcision he is taken to tribes other than his own.Girls, however, were primarily restricted to the family camp.Until on the threshold of marriage, young women had little contact with the group into which they were destined to marry some day - that is, the affinal group to which the woman was betrothed or promised.After the age of nine years, or possibly later, the young woman was handed over to her future husband and sleep at his fire side from time to time.

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Fathers sustained authority over their children, such as in relation to marriage arrangements, but it was generally the mother and the grandmother who had the primary right to discipline their children.Women also had rituals of their own and did not regard men's ceremonies as a privilege from which they were excluded.

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