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If you care about the customization prefix, make sure that you are working in an unmanaged solution or the default solution where the customization prefix is the one you want for this entity.For information about how to change the customization prefix, see Solution publisher.More information: Create new metadata or use existing metadata Part of the name of any custom field you create is the customization prefix.This is set based on the solution publisher for the solution you’re working in.The purpose of this study was to examine multiple minority stressors (i.e., heterosexist events, racist events, heterosexism in communities of color, racism in sexual minority communities, race-related dating and relationship problems, internalized heterosexism or homophobia, outness to family, and outness to world) as they relate to the psychological distress of 144 Asian American lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) persons.When examined concomitantly, these minority stress variables accounted for approximately one third of the variance in psychological distress scores.In Microsoft Dynamics 365, fields define the individual data items that can be used to store data in an entity.

It is also the default label when this field is shown in a form, but the label text in each form can be edited separately.Results indicate that heterosexism in communities of color, race-related dating and relationship problems in the LGBTQ community, internalized heterosexism, and outness to world were the only significant and unique predictors of Asian American LGBTQ persons’ psychological distress.In addition, no support was found for the moderating or mediating roles of outness in the internalized heterosexism-distress link.You can use the customization tools in the solution explorer to edit system fields that allow customization, or to create, edit, or delete custom entities.

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Before you create a custom field, evaluate whether using an existing field meets your requirements.This field is pre-populated based on this Display Name you enter.

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