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Important Government Offices Small Claims Court Locations WHAT IS SMALL CLAIMS COURT?

Corporations, associations, and assignees can start a Commercial Small Claims case, a different kind of Small Claims case. You do not need a lawyer to sue in Small Claims Court. What if someone sues me, but I am not the responsible person?

Ask the Small Claims Court Clerk for information about a "third-party action." You may be able to have the responsible person added to your case. Unless you are the parent or guardian suing on behalf of your child, probably not.

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For Commercial Small Claims, you must: You must file your Small Claims complaint or Commercial Small Claims complaint where the person you are suing lives, works, or has a place of business. Partnerships may start a Small Claims case or a Commercial Small Claims case in Suffolk County District Court. Can corporations and associations start a Small Claims case? The clerk will assign an "official" interpreter to your trial if a party or witness needs one. You cannot split your claim into smaller claims to get around the limit. In Suffolk District Court, partnerships can start a Small Claims case or a Commercial Small Claims case. If you need an interpreter, tell the Small Claims Court Clerk when you file your claim.

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Do I have to go to Small Claims Court to solve my problem? Can I sue for more than 00 in Small Claims Court? If your claim is for more than 00, you must start a civil case. How do I start my Small Claims or Commercial Small Claims case? If you are under 18, your parent or guardian can sue for you.