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The authors would like to extend their thanks to the many people involved in editing, proofing, and putting this document into its final form.Onions are one of the oldest vegetables in continuous cultivation dating back to at least 4,000 BC.Varieties from warmer regions of the Mediterranean eventually made their way to the southeast United States.Onions are among the most widely adapted vegetable crops.

The ancient Egyptians are known to have cultivated this crop along the Nile River.

There are no known wild ancestors but, the center of origin is believed to be Afghanistan and the surrounding region.

Onions were first brought to this country by early European settlers.

These onions were adapted to the temperate climate found throughout the northeast where the first European settlements occurred.

This Extension bulletin is the result of collaborative work across several departments including Horticulture, Plant Pathology, Crop and Soil Science, Entomology, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Food Science and Technology and Agricultural Economics.The information in this publication is based on the 2006/2007 growing season, but it can still be applied to the current production of short-day onions in South Georgia.