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I saved many quality saws as a private collection, more than I need so I am putting some on the list, of which the D8 have is a good example, but I have other styles and sizes. blade, slightly rounded blade for roughing out wide boards.Over the years I collected handtools for my own use, but I find I have far more handtools than I need , and understanding that you can't take it with you, I decided it is a good time to sell.For anything that you want to order, reach me back EMAIL to check it is still here, and I will hold for you.I need your zipcode for the UPS cost, will reply directly.There are several ESSAYS on the worktable, planes, cabinet scrapers, heat treating edged tools and filing the handsaw, auger bits for deep holes, and stone carving. For types of Stanley planes, their use and values, take a look at Planes for the Woodworker , with a quick look at pricing.For a great picture of an oldfashioned tool salesroom, something which has long since disappeared, take a look at the TOOLROOM of the Marwedel Company in San Francisco, as shown in their1926 catalog. Repeating the push action against a strong spring get the hole for a screw started instantly. .00 large two speed with a peg operated positive design shifter, large gear, iron head breast drill .in the original tri-fold box, an excellent set sharp and clean, these have been very hard to find in this condition, since everyone wants a set and nobody ever sells. (Take a look at my note on Auger Bits in the essay page on tools) large model 15"overall, with slotted screwdriver bits, you can use in lots of placeswithout electric or where the cordless is too wide and clumsy. The chuck is special design which takes both round shanks and also the square taper of auger bits which it drives in slow gear more accurately than a brace.Hardware store saws are merely stamped out of sheet metal, they won't hold an edge, while a Disston saw is a permanent tool for a serious shop.

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There is also a short list of Stanley Types with dates and the basic identifying marks, perhaps useful for the neophyte like myself who is not up for the full typological details.

There is also a short list of a few tool catalogs and manuals which I have left. date l897, .00 This has been called "The Curtain Hanger's Companion" because it works so well with one hand while the other holds the fixture up.