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This body of works explores balancing task requirements for full portfolio coverage in a flexible business environment.Crisis Driven Collections Headcount Management or Moving OTC from Reactive to Proactive By: Chris Caparon This Crisis-Driven environment is pervasive across most organizations.In response to the latest crisis deux jour, management typically allocates minimum resources based on crisis needs.Seriously Misleading, Standard Search Logic, Noise Words, Name Changes & Avoidance: The Importance of Correctly Identifying the Debtor in Compliance with Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code By: Kristin Alford While some creditors attempt to search online for a debtors business name, minor alterations to the name or the inclusion of a d/b/a could be fatal to the filing.Critical to a filing of a security instrument is the perfection of the legal name of the business.The 8-Ball of Customer Portfolio Segmentation for Finance By: Abigail Lutte If youve found yourself sweating in a smoky billiard room, wondering about what role customer data should play in finance - as well as in your companys long-term strategy - this document provides a tool for Finance Leaders - a strategy to unify disparate customer data with business strategy ROI.Volume 22, Number 2, 2nd Quarter 2016 Forecasting Small Business Default Using Cost of Capital By: John Theis and K.This quarterly publication, the only professional journal for credit professionals promotes a comprehensive understanding of credit, A/R and customer financial management in interesting articles written by educators and practitioner experts in their field. The article is intended to update two previously published articles: Everything You Need To Know About The Ordinary Course of Business Preference Defense, And More!

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Michael Casey Determining the likelihood of default is critical for all credit organizations, whether lending to large publicly traded firms or small private firms.

This body of work offers a methodology to apply risk based analytics to small and private businesses.

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