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Wget is generally available on almost any 'nix machine and can produce the mirror from the command line.

However, wget seems to have problems converting the relative style sheet URLs properly with many Drupal site pages.

However, with the default settings in Drupal 5 and the "good citizen" default HTTrack settings, you won't get any module or theme CSS files or Java Script files.

If you're working from a local installation of Drupal and want to grab ALL of your files in a way that you can just copy them up to a server, try the following command: (where $root_uri is the place to start grabbing, most likely your public Drupal root, and $targetdir the start point for the backup files.

The default is -c10, so you might considering something more like this value when archiving your own site.

With HTTrack properly configured, you don't have to hack on to get all of your stylesheets to work correctly.

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Create a custom block and/or post a node to the front page that notes that the site has been archived from Drupal to static HTML. Consider including a link to the future versions of the site (e.g.

if you are archiving a 2008 event, link to the URL of the next event).